Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the Rides & Attractions included in the Admission Price?

Yes they are! At SPLASHDOWN Goa you pay the one entry fee and then you ride for free…as many times as you want, and as long as you want!

Upto what age are discounted tickets available?

Age is not the criteria. ‘Juniors’ are considered below 4 feet in height and are eligible for a discounted rate. All above 4 feet will have to purchase a ‘General’ ticket. ‘Seniors’ with proper proof of age or a Senior Citizen Card are eligible for a discounted rate as well. Infants in arms are our guests.

Do I have to pay if I am only coming to watch my children?

Unfortunately yes. Spectator tickets are available at a discounted rate. You will be given a different coloured wrist band. The wearer of this wristband is not allowed in the water. If you would like to use the pool & slides, you may pay the difference and get an "in-Water" wrist band.

Is there enough parking available at Splashdown?

Parking space is ample. Kindly follow the instruction of the Parking attendants.

What if I lose my Ticket Wristband?

The Wristbands are composed of special material (Tyvek) that is lightweight, tear, stretch and water resistant. They will not break normally. The colour code & designs are changed daily. The unique die-cut closure is designed to shred if tampering occurs, preventing transference of bands between individuals. Once the Wristband is removed it cannot be reused. A valid and authentic wristband must be worn at all times. Splashdown reserves the right to eject any person not wearing such a Wristband.

I don’t have a swimsuit. Can’t I wear my shorts?

Proper swimwear of Lycra or Nylon has to be worn. Clothes with metal rivets, buttons, buckles & zippers damages the slides. Cotton clothes will not slide and you will get stuck midway on the slide leaving you in a potentially dangerous situation. Undergarments are not considered as swim wear, nor are Churidars, Jeans, Cut-offs etc. and will not be permitted. Swimwear, Towels and Toiletries can be purchased at reasonable rates from the Splash Shoppe. Alternatively you can hire a disinfected Swimming Costume or Towel at a very affordable rate. Click here for 'Details of Rates and Rentals

Are lockers available inside the Park? How do I carry my locker key with me?

Lockers are located outside the changing rooms, and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for a very nominal daily rental fee. The locker key is fitted on a rubber wristband, which can be comfortably worn on your wrist. Lockers are monitored by CCTV.

Are lifejackets available for small children?

Inflatable Life Vests, Inflatable Arm Bands, Life Rings & Baby Boats are available on sale at the Splash Shoppe. Splashdown Goa provides complimentary tubes for use based on availability for all rides that require them.

Can we bring food into the park?

Sorry, outside food & drinks are not allowed into the Park. Food & Drinks are available at the Combostation Bar & Restaurant at reasonable rates . Also packaged snacks and soft drinks are available at the Splash Shoppe. We can also pre-arrange Catering Packages that take away all the hassle and allow everyone to enjoy their day in the park!

Can we bring alcohol into the park?

Alcohol is available at the Combostation Bar and may be consumed there only. Alcohol is strictly NOT allowed into the park. Alcohol and Water slides do not mix. Splashdown reserves the rights of refusing entry onto the slides to anyone found intoxicated.

Are Sunbeds available in the Park?

Sunbeds with a matteress are available for a nominal fee.

Are there any Slides suitable for young children?

Splashdown Goa offers something for the entire family, including toddlers.

On what day is Splashdown closed?

Splashdown is open on all days of the week, ...the month and ...the year!. It never closes

Is it ok for my children to be at Splashdown on their own?

Splashdown Goa advises that it cannot supervise or observe small children at all times. Please be aware, that as a parent or guardian of a small child, it is your responsibility to maintain constant supervision of them AT ALL TIMES.

At what time do the Slides start?

With the exception of the Boomerang and Tornado, ALL slides start at 10:30. The Boomerang and Tornado start at intervals i.e. 12:00, 14:30, 17:00 due to power sharing. Pumps may be switched off when slides are not being used (to save power), but will be started as soon as a slider is on the Tower.

Is the waterpark safe to visit during Covid-19 Pandemic

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) has declared that Covid-19 Virus is not spread through water in the pools as chlorine in the water inactivates the virus. You are advised to stay outdoors and limit your visits to the Toilets and locker rooms.

What are the conditions for entry during Covid-19 pandemic

You are advised to stay home if...

* you are exhibiting covid-19 signs or symptoms

* you have a body temperature of over 37.5°C or 99°F

* you have a repeated dry cough or sneezing

* you have a sore throat or body ache

* you have tested Covid-19 positive

* you have been exposed to a Covid-19 carrier in the last 14 days

* you are over 65 yrs or have comorbidities or you are pregnant

What are the safety measures being taken during the COvid-19 pandemic

WHAT WE HAVE DONE All pools have been double dosed with chlorine
All touch-areas are disinfected regularly.
Temperatures of all staff and guests are checked and logged on entry. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Please wash/sanitize your hands on entry. Wear a mask around the pool, but not in the pool.
Stay 6' apart from people you do not live with. Do not crowd
No Spitting! Spitting is strictly prohibited. Use contactless payment modes.

What is the TARIFF at Splashdown?