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Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

SPLASHDOWN GOA Waterpark is a ZERO STRESS ZONE. Leave your wristwatches at home!

Keep the park clean & green. Use the garbage bins to dispose of trash.

Pets are not allowed into the park.


COVID specific conditions

Kindly adhere to the Covid specific conditions mentioned under the respective headings.

Conditions of Entry

Everyone entering the park must pay admission.

Admission price includes all rides, except food & beverage.

Sorry, tickets are NOT refundable for any reason.

No re-entry permitted on the same ticket/wristband.

Rights of admission are reserved.


A valid and authentic wristband must be worn at all times. SPLASHDOWN GOA reserves the right to eject any person not wearing such a wristband.

SPLASHDOWN GOA reserves the right to refuse entry or remove guests from the park for vandalism, stealing, offensive behaviour, queue jumping, failure to properly supervise minors under your care, persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to follow safety instructions or failure to comply with these Conditions of Entry.

Swimwear must be of Lycra or Nylon for use on body slides. Clothing with zippers or buttons will damage the slides and are NOT allowed.

FOOD & DRINKS:: You may either bring your own food OR order online OR order from a nearby restaurant from the menu card provided. Food will be delivered to your table. SNACKS, WATER, SOFTDRINKS and BEER ARE AVAILABLE AT THE SPLASHSHOPPE, SO PLEASE DO NOT CARRY IT ALONG WITH YOU. IT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

Food & Beverages

You may either bring your own food OR order online OR order from a nearby restaurant from the menu card provided. Food will be delivered to your table.


Photography and Videography

Any photographs, videos or sound recordings taken by you must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or production for commercial purposes without our express written consent is strictly prohibited.

It is a condition of entry into SPLASHDOWN Goa that any photograph, or video taken of you whilst at the venue will be taken for the purpose of, and may be used, to help promote SPLASHDOWN GOA.

Use of Slides

Please follow the safety instruction posted at the start of each slide and around the park.

Ensure the last slider is out before launching yourself.

Once in the pool, move out from the slides run-out area as soon as possible

Wearing of ornaments such as wristwatches & jewelry are not advised when using the slides as they may get lost and will scratch the slides. Leave them at home, in your car or in the locker.

Please obey the lifeguard's instructions at all times.


Adults are not permitted on the Kiddy slides

The BOOMERANG and TORNADO Slides start at fixed intervals i.e. 12:00, 14:30, 17:00 due to power-sharing. Once started they will run till the last user slides down. Requests for in-between starts will not be entertained.

All remaining Slides are running at all times but maybe stopped when not in use (to save power). It will be restarted as soon as a person steps on the SlideTower.

The operation of some slides may be affected by adverse weather conditions or maintenance activity. Inconvenience is regretted. Please bear with us.

BODY SLIDES: Tornado, Twister, Panic Attack, Caterpillar, Tigers Tail

Well fitting swimwear of Lycra or Nylon must be used else you will get stuck midway.

You must lie on your back with arms and legs crossed at all times. For the TORNADO arms to be folded around the head.

No flipping or going down head first.

Walking up or down the slide is not permitted.


MULTI-LANE SLIDES: Awesome 3some, Yee Haa

Sliders must lie on the mat belly down head first, 1 per lane.

Grip the mat handles firmly. Tuck your elbows in and fold your legs up and cross your feet to avoid getting slide burns.

Launch yourself only after the last slider is clear

When you enter the Landing pool, lower your feet in the water to arrest your travel.


FLOAT SLIDES: Boomerang, Zoom Flume, Family Flume

Sliders must sit in the float facing forward and grip the float handles well.

Two guests only allowed on a double float.

Do not stand in the float at any time when sliding down.


Make sure the last slider is clear before launching yourself.

Most pools are Landing Pools and are shallow. Diving is strictly prohibited

Swimming is only allowed in the swimming pool. Other pools are Landing pools.

Please move out from the slide run out area as soon as possible.

The TadPool is exclusively for kids. Adults not in supervisory roles please stay out.

Please do not leave children unattended or without adult supervision in the pools.


Rentals & Sales

Swimsuits, Towels, Caps, Goggles and Life vests can be purchased from the sales counter.

Disinfected Swimwear and towels are available on hire at very reasonable rates.


Lockers are available on rent. They should be locked properly and the key should be worn on the wrist with wristband provided. In case of loss of locker key, the deposit will not be returned.


Lost & Found – Enquiries at the Park office.

Safety & Security

Safety is our prime concern.

Please follow the safety instruction posted at the start of each slide and around the park.

Follow all rules and regulations that Pool attendants and Slide attendants provide.

Most pools are Landing Pools and are shallow. Diving is strictly prohibited


Children should be watched by accompanying adults when in the water.

Horseplay on the slides and in the pools is dangerous and is not permitted.

Floors are slippery when wet. Avoid running.

No glass containers, food or beverage of any description allowed near or in the pool.

Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back problems should not ride the Extreme slides.

COVID Specific safety

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) has declared that Covid-19 Virus is not spread through water in the pools as chlorine in the water inactivates the virus. You are advised to stay outdoors and limit your visits to the Toilets and locker rooms.

Health & Enviroment

Good personal hygiene is essential before you enter the water to prevent germs from spreading.

Guests with diarrhoea, skin infection, festered wounds, etc are requested to stay out of the water

Apply sunscreen quite often to avoid sunburns,

Pools have been dosed with Urine Revealing Dye. To avoid embarrassment please use the Urinals before going to the pools.


COVID Specific

All pools have been double dosed with chlorine 
All touch-areas are disinfected regularly.
Temperatures of all staff and guests are checked and logged on entry.

Please wash/sanitize your hands on entry.

Wear a mask around the pool, but not in the pool.
Stay 6' apart from people you do not live with. Do not crowd
No Spitting! Spitting is strictly prohibited.

Use contactless payment modes.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Smoking, Consumption of Gutka, Alcohol, or the use of mind-altering drugs within the Waterpark limits are strictly Prohibited. Splashdown reserves the rights of refusing entry or ejecting anyone found under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.


Icons made by Freepik from CC 3.0 BY

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. E-tickets Cancellations above 48 hours of the Visit Date – 90% Refund.

  2. E-tickets Cancellations within 48 hours of the Visit Date – 80% Refund.

  3. After the date of activity – Sorry, No Refund.

  Cash Refunds once initiated, will be transferred within 5 business days. 

   Amendment & Reschedule Policy:

  1. Visit date modification can be done free of cost.

  2. However, for any change in price or category, the differential amount will be charged.

  3. Modification time – 24 hrs prior to the visit date, before 12 AM.

  4. Validity – The ticket can be postponed for 60 days from the date of activity.

Privacy Policy

When you provide us with information through we respect your privacy. It is important for you to understand what information we collect about you during your visit and what we do with that information. Your visit to the Site is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.


We do not collect personally identifiable information about you, except when you provide it to us. For example, if you decide to complete a user registration form, or do a booking, you may be asked to provide certain information such as your contact information (name, email address and telephone number). To protect your personal information, users registering at the Site must also enter a user name/email address and password. If you would prefer that we not collect any personally identifiable information from you, please do not provide us with any such information. You can do your booking through our Customer Care at +91 9637424023. When you submit your personally identifiable information on the Site, you are giving your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


Opt-In Communications If you opt-in during the Site registration process or at other times when you submit personally identifiable information, the information you provide may be used by to create and deliver to you our newsletters and promotions. Splashdown Goa does not exchange personally identifiable information, with other companies and organizations. If you prefer not to receive such Opt-In Communications, please do not opt-in to receive these communications.


As Splashdown Goa cannot distinguish the age of persons who access its website, a blanket privacy policy is applied. Splashdown’s website does not seek or intend to seek and receive any personal information from minors (i.e. below thirteen years of age). Should a parent or guardian have reason to believe that a minor has provided with personal information without their prior consent, they may contact us to ensure that the personal information is removed and unsubscribed from any promotional contact opportunities.

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